Vintage Promise Ring Gold

A promise ring is a beautiful way to express your commitment. Whether you’re looking for something to mark an event or just a reminder of your love, we have the perfect vintage promise ring for you.

When shopping for a vintage promise ring, consider the ring’s material, design, gemstones, and condition. You may also want to choose a ring with milgrain, which gives the ring an old-fashioned look.


Vintage Promise rings for couples are jewellery pieces that symbolise a commitment or a promise between two people. These rings are different from engagement rings in that they don’t necessarily imply that an eventual proposal or wedding is imminent. However, they are still a meaningful way to show your love and dedication to your partner.

A promise ring can be given for a variety of reasons. It could be as a pre-engagement ring or to commemorate a special milestone in your relationship. It could also be to demonstrate your fidelity or future intentions. Some promise rings don’t feature gemstones, but are engraved with a message or pattern instead.

This vintage-style ring features a heart-shaped frame that showcases a trio of diamonds. Polished to a brilliant shine, the diamonds are accented with milgrain-detailed vine-like details that flow along the twirling shank. The ring is crafted in 10 karat yellow gold.


Typically simpler than an engagement ring, a vintage promise ring still symbolizes commitment. Browse this curated collection to find the perfect one to give her, from antique promise rings with gemstones to Art Deco and Victorian styles.

For example, this heirloom-look diamond vintage promise ring is crafted in warm 10K gold. A shimmering center diamond is artfully set to enhance its beauty and showcase a dazzling sparkle. A milgrain-detailed shank completes the romantic design. This ring showcases 1/6 ct. tw. of sparkling diamonds and a brilliant buffed luster.

A promise ring can symbolize many things. You can use it as a chastity ring to show that you and your partner will remain celibate until marriage, as a pre-engagement ring to indicate you’re ready to take that next step in your relationship, or simply to express your love for your significant other. A vintage promise ring can also be given as an anniversary gift or to commemorate a special milestone.


Many vintage promise rings feature precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. Some of these rings are designed with filigree patterns that add elegance and style to the ring. These rings are ideal for couples who want to show their commitment, but aren’t ready to be engaged or married yet.

The gems used in a vintage promise ring gold can have symbolic meaning for the couple or just be visually appealing. The ring’s cut can also impact its appearance and look. Popular shapes include round, princess, cushion, and emerald.

Choosing the right ring can be difficult, but you can help narrow down your options by considering the ring’s material, design, and gemstones. You can also choose a style that complements your loved one’s unique personality and interests. With the variety of options, you’re sure to find the perfect ring for your relationship. Then, just sit back and enjoy your special time together. The heirloom quality of these vintage promise rings will ensure that your love for each other never goes out of style.


Milgrain is a wonderful way to add a touch of old-world romance to any jewelry piece. It can be used to frame and accent a gemstone center stone, drawing the eye away from any ring’s plain edges. The detail also delivers a delicate texture to any ring design. This Gemvy design showcases both a cushion halo and pave diamonds framed by milgrain for an exquisite, timeless look.

However, a ring with extensive milgrain may not be the best fit for every person. For those with more modern, minimalist styles in their personal jewelry preferences, the detail could appear disproportionate or overwhelming.

Additionally, the process of incorporating milgrain into jewelry pieces is long and labor intensive. It is essential to avoid excessive cleaning with abrasive cleaners or ultrasonic machines in order to preserve the intricate detailing. With careful consideration, however, a ring with a lovely milgrain design can be an excellent choice for any style preference.